Things I did in 2019 - a blog on my personal learning and work Alert - 3011 words ahead! -- Author Sherry what is he with the mind? You bet – He is about Reading, writing, speaking. No Television, it’s been 4 years. Very few intelligent movies, else only what you read in the first line. And also no Amazon Prime, Zee 5, Netflix, Hotstar. Only sensible watching on YouTube.

Result = You read yourself in this blog.

Not to brag, but massive action this year. Networked so many new people, ideas, minds and gained lot of value.   Hey a question for you?   How many books you bought this year? My answer is – 36 –I invested heavily in books. My second major investment is into attending workshops and training undergone. I never skipped to buy 1 book of a new author this year – 12 months 12 books of new authors. It’s my small way to support the new ones. I am thankful to MS Talks – it taught me where I always failed. 2019- I overcame one of my weakness. I have learnt and developed a key skill rather mastering it, - ‘Multi-tasking.’ It is risky and has a thick line which can slay focus. Thank god I know the difference. Secret is one work with full focus at a time. Focus- I revived it through bodybuilding. It has been a tough year though with fitness and I have gained a few pounds. That’s okay, I have a task ready for 2020 (:  

January 2019

It was the time when I heard about a book becoming a best seller and it was – Robin Sharma’s – 5 AM Club. I personally gave 3 star on good reads for it as a reader, but I thought it can be life-changing if I follow something like that.  

Life-changing - 4 am Club – 66 days

4 am club and 66 days to retain a habit was something I came up with in a freezy winter of January and with this new year’s first resolution I kicked off my journey. I will be honest to you - It was very hard in the first 4 days. Twice, I got almost failed but got up early morning. Eventually, I did it. 66 days I woke up at 4 am every day. Except one day where I missed and then realize, there is always a scope of error and started again. I was never afraid to start again. It worked. And that stands true for other life situations for all of us. 4am – 6.30am : I worked on my mindset; learning through book reading and digital world learning with courses of Siddharth Rajsekar ,Vick Strizheus(four percent) and other thought leaders.   Visualizing myself on TEDx was one of the thing I can share here openly.                                                                                               Author Sherry at TEDx   Life seem to be happy as larry. I was well on focus to become a renowned Public Speaking coach in India. (and I did) After a deep analysis of market, I always want to walk the talk and be someone who’s been there and done that. Not a guy who is claiming a lot on YouTube and done a tiny. I feel, that is where you deserve a chance to coach others. Do yourself first and then think of transforming others.

Aim for the moon, if you’ll miss, you will still be amongst the stars.