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Author Sherry is a distinguished International Public Speaking Coach and accredited global professional speaker renowned for his captivating and transformative approach. With a powerful, engaging, and practical motivational style, he excels in uncovering limiting beliefs, empowering individuals to realize their full potential, and fostering personal growth. Sherry’s expertise inspires confidence and optimism, instilling the belief that anything is achievable. Having trained an impressive 100,000+ public speakers and provided platforms for over 60,000 individuals worldwide, his impact on the art of public speaking is truly profound.

Author Sherry works with corporate executives, CXO, CEOs, MD of companies, celebrities, serial entrepreneurs aspiring public speakers, trainers, coaches, radio jockey, spiritual leaders, politicians, anchors, media personalities, professional speakers, startup business owners through personal coaching and love to contribute ideas through group trainings with multinationals and corporate.

Author Sherry has been featured on 1000+ prestigious platforms of India for his keynote and professional speaking sessions in the last 18 years of his successful career and delivered more than 3000 workshops, and offline, and online training sessions in a span of last 13 years of his speaking and training career and trained more than 2,00,000+ trainees & professionals across the globe.

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Who Am I

As a multiple times TEDxSpeaker, Josh Talks Speaker, Global Professional Speaker, Facilitator, Educator, and from the family of 4 generations of Author; Author Sherry is highly passionate about speaking and making a difference through his transformational sessions. His ability to communicate with people is impeccable.

Speaking Topics: Leadership Communication, Emotional wellness, Psychology of Speaking, Advance Presentation Skills, Science of Storytelling, Public Speaking, and Motivational Mindset.

Key skills: Effective Public Speaking, Storytelling, Presentation skills, Effective communication
Author Sherry – Global Professional Speaker on Leadership Communication, Advance Speaking & Presentation Skills, Science of Storytelling, Public Speaking, and Motivational Mindset.

Invited to speak at 1000+ formal keynotes, 100+ corporate in 18+ countries,11 times International TEDx Speaker, author of international best sellers on Amazon

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Become a confident public speaker

No matter what your age is, do it before you die. Turn your dreams into reality of speaking in front of packed audience and getting standing ovation.

Overcoming fear of stage

I assure you to help you realize your potential and once you feel the same, you can face any fear in life. Public speaking fear will become a tiny thing for you.

Overcoming fear of facing people

Over a period of time, I have learnt how to transfer your nervousness into excitement and become people’s favorite speaker and I can teach you the same.

Memorizing your speech

This is not as easy as it sounds, but believe me once I tell you what to do, it will be a cakewalk for you.

Writing their own speech

This is an art which many don’t know, I will teach you step by step process to create your master speech which will help you to easily influence any type of audience.

Mastering your body language

When people are watching you speaking on a podium using your non - verbal cues, you need to strategically perform to convey your message crisp and clean and this is exactly what you will learn with me.


Just because of Sherry,I am on top of my voice now. I don’t fumble,achieved greater confidence and articulation to deliver messages as a sought after speaker and that’s my achievement with Sherry’s public speaking training and consulting. He is my Guru and I achieved a lot from speaking no where to speaking on international stages.


Co-founder,Director – Space World Group

You will find him over-delivering every single time. He is a total giver!
May the likes of Author sherry grow & be blessed to make the world a better place.

Dr.Omar Shareef


I highly recommend anyone for this course and also Author Sherry is a fantastic coach and I bet you will not find the techniques taught here anywhere else!

Mohd Hafis

Serial Entrepreneur

Any association with Author Sherry is a learning opportunity. His life journey is an inspiration and the Public Speaking part of that journey is unparalleled!

Hardev Singh Luggani


Author Sherry has also been given the title of “Dale Carnegie of Public Speaking in India” by many of his mentees working in the corporate and business world.”

Mentees around the world

Author Sherry has been given the title of “Badshah of Public Speaking” by Major Mohommed Ali Shah who has given the highest number of TED talks in the world.”

Major Mohommed Ali Shah

TV Panelist, Bollywood Actor, Nephew of Naseeruddin Shah

Author Sherry is the Luxury Brand Communication Mentor for Business Owners. He trains what should come out of your mouth in gatherings, events, and meetings – to create a compelling aura around you.

Dinesh Sharma

Serial Entrepreneur -Gullybaba Group

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