About Author Sherry

Author Sherry is a public speaking coach, sought after Speaker, “Trainer in Sales and Soft skills” domain and working as a corporate facilitator for the last 7 years

He is the Founder and President of MS Talks India and CEO at MS Talks Training & Consulting.

Who Am I

As a TEDxSpeaker, Josh Talks Speaker, Professional Speaker, Facilitator, Educator, and from the family of 3 generations of Author; I am passionate about speaking and making a difference through my sessions.

I love achieving and contributing to outcome-focused results for my clients. My greatest happiness stems up from making people’s lives easier, happier, and more meaningful through right guidance.

Become a confident public speaker

No matter what your age is, do it before you die. Turn your dreams into reality of speaking in front of packed audience and getting standing ovation.

Overcoming fear of stage

I assure you to help you realize your potential and once you feel the same, you can face any fear in life. Public speaking fear will become a tiny thing for you.

Overcoming fear of facing people

Over a period of time, I have learnt how to transfer your nervousness into excitement and become people’s favorite speaker and I can teach you the same.

Memorizing your speech

This is not as easy as it sounds, but believe me once I tell you what to do, it will be a cakewalk for you.

Writing their own speech

This is an art which many don’t know, I will teach you step by step process to create your master speech which will help you to easily influence any type of audience.

Mastering your body language

When people are watching you speaking on a podium using your non - verbal cues, you need to strategically perform to convey your message crisp and clean and this is exactly what you will learn with me.

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  • This is a 6-week long program ending with a Performance. In these sessions, you will start with the

  • This is a 6-week long program ending with a Performance. In these sessions, you will start with the

  • Public Speaking Workshop in Delhi/NCR Public Speaking Mastery Workshop Workshop Facilitator – A

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