Things I did in 2019 – a blog on my personal learning and work

Author Sherry Public Speaking Coach

Things I did in 2019 – a blog on my personal learning and work

Things I did in 2019 – a blog on my personal learning and work

Alert – 3011 words ahead!

Author Sherry what is he with the mind?

You bet – He is about Reading, writing, speaking.

No Television, it’s been 4 years.

Very few intelligent movies, else only what you read in the first line.

And also no Amazon Prime, Zee 5, Netflix, Hotstar. Only sensible watching on YouTube.

Result = You read yourself in this blog.

Not to brag, but massive action this year.

Networked so many new people, ideas, minds and gained lot of value.


Hey a question for you?


How many books you bought this year?

My answer is – 36 –I invested heavily in books. My second major investment is into attending workshops and training undergone.

I never skipped to buy 1 book of a new author this year – 12 months 12 books of new authors. It’s my small way to support the new ones.

I am thankful to MS Talks – it taught me where I always failed.

2019- I overcame one of my weakness.

I have learnt and developed a key skill rather mastering it, – ‘Multi-tasking.’

It is risky and has a thick line which can slay focus. Thank god I know the difference.

Secret is one work with full focus at a time. Focus- I revived it through bodybuilding. It has been a tough year though with fitness and I have gained a few pounds. That’s okay, I have a task ready for 2020 (:


January 2019

It was the time when I heard about a book becoming a best seller and it was – Robin Sharma’s – 5 AM Club. I personally gave 3 star on good reads for it as a reader, but I thought it can be life-changing if I follow something like that.


Life-changing – 4 am Club – 66 days

4 am club and 66 days to retain a habit was something I came up with in a freezy winter of January and with this new year’s first resolution I kicked off my journey.

I will be honest to you – It was very hard in the first 4 days. Twice, I got almost failed but got up early morning.

Eventually, I did it. 66 days I woke up at 4 am every day.

Except one day where I missed and then realize, there is always a scope of error and started again.

I was never afraid to start again. It worked. And that stands true for other life situations for all of us.

4am – 6.30am :

I worked on my mindset; learning through book reading and digital world learning with courses of Siddharth Rajsekar ,Vick Strizheus(four percent) and other thought leaders.


Visualizing myself on TEDx was one of the thing I can share here openly.

                                                                                              Author Sherry at TEDx


Life seem to be happy as larry.

I was well on focus to become a renowned Public Speaking coach in India. (and I did)

After a deep analysis of market, I always want to walk the talk and be someone who’s been there and done that. Not a guy who is claiming a lot on YouTube and done a tiny.

I feel, that is where you deserve a chance to coach others.

Do yourself first and then think of transforming others.


Aim for the moon, if you’ll miss, you will still be amongst the stars.

A dream – I always saw. I took a target of 100 speeches in a year and delivered 55 speeches in a year and spoke on the prestigious platforms of India till now (14 December 2019).

Thinking big is always in my mind.

I also switched as full time entrepreneur during the mid of this year with an office space at Janakpuri, Delhi (India) and realize it is still a long way to go.

But I promised myself for one thing – my diversified corporate career of 2 decades has given me so much. Banking, Telecom, E-commerce, Education and now time for Training & Coaching Industry.

It is time now to Go Big. No jobs now. Do or die. You gotta move in life. The time has come Sherry. And I did. I moved forward. I am proud of myself. It is not easy.

Something I always wanted to do and bigger than my thinking and became ‘the largest’ of something.

I am thankful to my business friend Rajat who always guided me with his small scoops of entrepreneurial experiences. Friendship matters. I am even thankful to Subhash Sharma ji ,Jolly ji,Mukesh ji for their honest friendship and guidance. I feel blessed to have a gorgeous wife who is my business partner now.

Thank-you Kulvinder – Kara for being there. Tavleen I know you will become bigger than I can imagine. Love my daughter.

I also spent quality time once a year with family and close friends and this year we went to Sterling resorts –Mussoorie for a holiday just after summer holidays to avoid the crowd rush of hill stations.

We made memories and had loads of fun.

Let me take you through what I did in 2019.

I am dividing this in five parts.

  • Workshops attended
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Family of 3 generation authors
  • Public Speaking

Workshops/Webinars/Seminars attended

Close to 40 offline and online workshops attended this year.auth

To name a few;

  • Success Gyan – Jack Canfield Author of Chicken Soup for the soul
  • Mastering Story showing for Influence and Authority by Sam Cawthorn
  • Art of public speaking – Praveen wadalkar
  • How to be a digital coach – Siddharth Rajsekar
  • Train the Trainer – Chirag Singla
  • Business to Heights – Networking Meeting
  • Delhi Business Circle – Networking Meeting
  • Rev up Harmony event by Nancy Juneja
  • Networking meeting with entrepreneurs- Money Mastery Workshop
  • Sheconnects – Entreprenur summit – Forum of women entrepreneurs invited by Ms.Anju Handa as Guest of honor
  • Impactful Tips To Become A World Class Speaker & Trainer – T.Harv Eker

Attending seminars workshops both offline and online, free and paid is now a part and parcel of my life.


A solemn vow to myself to read 100 books this year didn’t turn out as I thought. But, yes on an average I read a blog per day. Habit of reading books has helped me improve my communication and do intelligent talks with people.

Invest in upgrading yourself.

I hereby thought to apprise you about the books I have read this year. Here is the list;

  1. The 5am club – Robin Sharma
  2. Clean keto lifestyle – Karissa Long
  3. Big Dreams, Bigger Achievements – Dr.Gagandeep Kaur
  4. 80%mindset 20% skills – Dev Gadhvi
  5. The Power Of Life Coaching – Dr.Steve G. Jones
  6. Winning Body Language – Mark Bowden
  7. Secrets of the millionaire mind – T. Harv. Eker.
  8. I declare – Joel Osteen
  9. Hit Refresh – Satya Nadela
  10. The power of a positive attitude – Roger Frtiz
  11. Lose to win – Mukesh Bhatnagar
  12. Graphology – Jolly Uncle
  13. How to find my HERO niche – Avi Arya
  14. The powerful CeO – Vinod K. Pandita
  15. Top 10 reasons why you should write a book – Dinesh Verma
  16. Business Etiquette – Sally Chew
  17. Story showing – Sam Cawthorn
  18. Feel the fear and do it anyway – Susan Jeffers
  19. Wisdom Nuggets vol.8 – Dr. R.P Chadha
  20. Verbal Judo – George.J. Thompson
  21. Speechless – Roshan Abbas & Siddharth banerjee
  22. Professional development coaching- Jim Rohn
  23. Game Changers – Maj Pradeep Khare
  24. How to be heard – Julian treasure
  25. What got you here wouldn’t get you there- Marshall Goldsmith
  26. The 100$ startup – Chris Guillebeau
  27. Tips – the bright ideas – JP Malhotra


I have written around 13 blogs with an average of 1000 words per blog in the niche of public speaking and effective communication.

I am also in the process of finishing my book which will publish anytime in 2020 on one of my favorite subject – Public Speaking.

You can check all my blogs here:

Also, I wrote my first eBook this year on Public Speaking which is available on amazon:

Family of 3 generation authors

It is unheard, at least I haven’t.

Let me know if you know any family with 3 generation of authors. I would love to meet them.

My daughter wrote her book at the age of 8, my dad at the age of 71.

We already filled for Limca books of records, let’s see what is in the store.

But here are the 3 titles from my family;

1.Deep ka Safar – written by my dad – Sh.Kuldeep singh arora


2.PEP Talks – written by my daughter – Tavleen Arora


3.Public Speaking Basics – Author Sherry

This is my second book. My first book – Unleash the hidden potential – a best seller was a self-help book with 42 life skills. I wrote that book in 2017.

  Public speaking basics – Author Sherry


Tavleen also received an award for becoming Youngest author of Delhi written her maiden book at the age of 8 years.

Tavleen Arora with Actor,Model – Dinesh Mohan

So with this flow of writing, we became the family of 3 generation authors – self-published books.


Public Speaking

My favorite. Close to my heart. It was my biggest fear a decade back and I conquered it.

22 June,2019 I gathered guts to come openly in public.

I declare it to the world through a Facebook live.

“I want to create 1 million speakers in India by 2030”- Author Sherry


You gotta be totally MAD (Making a difference) if you want to achieve these figures.

I set my own records and I love breaking that.

I learnt and draw this inspiration of focus from Virat Kohli, Cricketer.

Virat brother – I am your carbon copy. I just need to tell you that once we meet.

Aur hum jaldi mil re hai. (:


I have become a TEDx speaker not once but twice. And already signed up for 3rd(dates to be announced for 2020)

I have become a JOSH Talks speaker not once but thrice in 3 different languages (Punjabi, Hindi, English)

Author Sherry at Josh Talks


I have delivered 55 keynotes this year and completed my half century of public talks.

To name a few;
  • Twice at TEDX
  • Thrice at Josh Talks
  • Keynote on Self-improvement at Meraki Fashion, Radisson with 100 fashion models
  • 3 keynotes on employ-ability skills at UPES, Dehradun
  • Keynote at Navdrishti Times Business Seminar 5 Aug
  • Business communication and presentation skills session at TAP DC -29 july
  • Keynote at ITS Ghaziabad on Self Improvement
  • Keynote at PKR Jain Vatika School, Ambala
  • Keynote at CT university, Ludhiana
  • Keynote at Chandigarh group of Colleges
  • 3 seminars on The Art Of Public Speaking with Cooffiz
  • Keynote at RKGIT Ghaziabad on Business Success
  • Keynote at ITS Ghaziabad on Emotional Intelligence and Communication
  • Keynote on Storytelling – HDFC Bank HR Conclave 2019
  • Keynote at Professional Speakers Group – Toastmasters International


Some other connections to public speaking;

A.Signature workshop

This is a dream of every trainer to deliver an open seminar or workshop. I accomplished that.

I felt delighted to deliver my first ever signature workshop on 25 august,2019

“Public speaking mastery” in Delhi.

Followed by Second in Jalandhar Punjab on 8 December, first ever in Punjab. I am grateful for the support received by a few participants like Dr. Gill- a school principal from Mukeria, Punjab.

Public Speaking Mastery Workshop at Hotel Radisson,New Delhi


B.1 minute videos on Public Speaking Tips

I have created 48 videos -all these videos are there on YouTube and Tik tok platform.


C.Public Speaking Coaching

Trained 15 people(offline/online) and 8 are in process this year on Public Speaking through my coaching abilities and experiences …Total 23.

(Includes Profiles like, HR Manager- Coca cola, Indian Army veteran, Corporate executive, Software developer, Advocate, MD of fortune 500, HOD of a reputed school,Trainer, MLM leader)


D. TEDx Speakers Coaching

Also, trained and coached 2 TEDx speakers and 1 Josh Talks Speaker.

E.Verified Influencer account

I was offered a verified account on Helo app seeing the popularity of MS Talks where I am creating my pan India influencer base for something massive coming up.


The kind of work I had to be part of to do all this has put me in strong position to become an avid learner and action-taker.

It made me carry a lot of confidence and self-belief because I know what I am doing or what God wants to accomplish through me.

Heart, Mind, Soul and Passion- if it aligns you end up creating a sweet spot, It is powerful.

Universe guides you at every step. There is some hidden power who’s watching you all the time.

I just wanna say – Be honest with your work. Everything you want will follow.

Organizing (MS Talks)

I am into training and consulting business and now working as one of the renowned Public Speaking Coach in India.

Organizing conferences and events is in the blood now and have been doing this for past 2 and half years.

This is another skill I developed and it is so enlightening to receive people’s positive feedback after attending MS Talks.

This year was no different. We thought of big, we have delivered a bigger show.

‘MS talks annual conference’ with 220 people attendance earmarked one of its biggest events on 25 May 2019 at India International Center, New Delhi (India) with elite guests, achievers and community builders of the society with exemplary performances in music and 5 book launches in single day by writers like Mr. Shammi Sukh, Jolly Uncle,Tavleen Arora- who steal the show and became one of the youngest author in India with her first book written at the age of just 8 years.

Frankly, I couldn’t have done this without the support of MS Talks founding team and my dear friend and mentor – Mr. Rajeev Narang who was always at my back like a cushion.

It’s always a team work.

We launched ‘I –inspire awards ‘as our flagship brand of awards to felicitate tops achievers in their fields. Design credits to AIPL BrandBuzz team.

These awards are handed over by Secretary General – Advocate Subhash Sharma, Kulvinder Kaur (Treasurer) Myself and the Mr. Sharad K Kohli (Chief guest) to all the recipients.

‘Lose to win’ – a dream book comprising of inspiring stories of all 45 speakers presented their talks since last 1 year at the stage of MS Talks India was launched under the mentor-ship of ace author – Mukesh Bhatnagar who took the charge and wrote this best-selling book which is well appreciated by industry experts and leaders across the world.

We are equally thankful to our publishing partner The Book Line & founder – Sh.Sunil Bhanot a gem of a person.

As MS Talks, we commenced with a conference at IPS, Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) in January 2019 inspiring over 300 kids and covered by national dailies of India.

Kids Talent hunt curated by myself to give opportunity to young talent (5 to 16 years) to speak and become confident public speakers.

You will be amazed seeing the talent these kids bring on the podium.

5 skill workshops, and another 2 events in Delhi and now ending 2019 for the first time in India with International Public Speaking Championship(IPSC) where I intend to give platform to native speakers too and anyone willing to participate across the world. IPSC is happening for the first time in India organized by MS Talk India with 30 speakers sharing the stage in day with 7 minutes of stage time to become the Speaking Idol.

No one has ever become poor by giving.

IPSC is my brain child and I connect this to giving platform to a common man becoming a public speaker with sole aim of reaching international level.

Yes, it is the need of the hour. We need to learn how to communicate effectively to win at workplace.

In 2019, we did MS Talks skill workshops inviting expert speakers to make sure we contribute as an organization for the skill development in the country.

My focus is always on the skills which are usually not taught or discussed in schools and colleges but are equally significant to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

A few names who came as guest speakers and spoke on MS Talks stage –

Jolly Uncle- Graphology – (Serving Patron with MS Talks India)

Ms. Aaira – Sound therapy Techniques

Late Ms. Ruby Bedi – Power of Meditation

Mr.@Munish Kumar – The Unshakeable

Dr.Mayank Rathi –Power of Subconscious Mind

Myself – How to market yourself as a public speaker

And some inspiring real life stories;

Major Mohommed Ali Shah – Actor, Army Veteran, highest TEDX talks giver in India,

Mr. Neeldavid katwal – International Hair Stylist, Nepal

Ms. Richa– Trainer & DTM –Toastmasters International

Mr.Prashant Saini– Author, NLP Coach

Ms. Kiran Sethi – Lady Singham from Delhi Police

Mr.Tarun Dutta – World champion in bodybuilding

Pride of India is another initiative commenced this year by MS Talks from 2019 annual conference.

We look forward to invite, felicitate achievers from any field. I believe their small contributions have made a huge difference in our society. I got this idea when I was attending a workshop myself where some celebrities were getting awarded. I thought why not to acknowledge the work of common man from our country.

Here is the list of awardees in 2019;

Pride of India Award – Anoop Khanna – Dadi ki rasoi

Pride of India Award – Ravi Kalra – The Earth foundation

Pride of India Award – Bhupender Dhawan – Dronacharya awardee,International hall of fame,Founder – Dronacharya the gym (to be received on 21 December 2019)

My social media circle, personal networking, relationship skills has given the mileage to reach out to these talents.

My passion for training with corporate continued but I must tell you the year belonged to Public Speaking throughout and it has never been done yet in my life.

I am finally living my dreams – A Public Speaking and Communication Coach.

All our events were covered by National Media and national dailies.

My Public Speaking Coaching work also got featured on National Media

21 November,2019 Punjab Kesari interview.


Interview at Marwah Studios on 17 May 2019


Author Sherry with Dr.Sandeep Marwah


I also bagged 3 national awards, and got invited to several events as Guest of honor.

It is the flow which matters.

  • Progressive Sikh of the year award by YPSF in association with PTC .
  • Acharya Chanakya Award declared Best Public Speaking Coach in the Country
  • Achievers Award for Best Public Speaking Coach in the country by Sh. Manoj Tiwari

I dedicate this to my mentors and gurus and near ones who taught me these rare qualities of assertive communication, stay humble and always open for learning.

I wish my blog will help you draw your road-map and now it is your turn to share.

I am keen to hear your biggest achievement as well in 2019.

It is the journey which matters not the destination.

I have already started walking for 2020.

Have you?


To your success,

Author Sherry


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