How to write a speech?

How to write a speech?

How to write a speech?

Speech Body and its types:

“Speech body”

It is mainly divided into three parts:


You need to gain audience’s attention,engage the listeners and always stay connected to the core message of your speech.


Information part. It contains approximately 75-80% portion of your speech. What you will speak,all the main points clearly stated and supported by anecdotes,practical examples,supporting material and research


Review your main points and provides closure by ending with a conclusion and call to action for audience again connecting to the core message of your speech.

“Types of Speeches”


Workshop/Informative Speech/Oral Report/Lecture:

Designed to define,clarify,compare,explain,instruct,demonstrate and teach.

Persuasive speech/debates/sales presentations/sermons:

Spoken to inspire,influence,convince,sell products and services,preach or pushing for a particular action.

Evocative speech:

Stand up comedy,celebration talks, helps audience to enjoy like office party or a birthday/family gathering,bond,toast or commemorate.

Impromptu Speech:

To speak on spur on any topic. Follow F.A.T. method.

Feel- Anecdote-Tie back.


Speech given at temples when someone pass away or at funeral. Introduce,share a deeply personal speech, show your concern about the person passed away,thank attendees,show gratitude towards all.

The Storytelling Speech:

Pick stories to connect.It helps creating a zone of quick common understanding using experiences,goals,beliefs,transformation to persuade for action.

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