How to become a Josh Talk Speaker | Josh Talk me kaise jaye | How to apply for Josh Talks

How to become a Josh Talk Speaker

How to become a Josh Talk Speaker | Josh Talk me kaise jaye | How to apply for Josh Talks

You must have seen Josh Talks Video on Facebook, Instagram YouTube or any other Social Media Platforms. While watching the speaker about his/her story, one thought must have crossed your mind that one day I also want to share my story on the Josh Talks platform to Inspire, Inform and Upskill the viewer watching your Josh Talks.

When was the last time you faced with challenges that shook you to the core?

Did you give up to the pressure? Or did you fight back and make it the biggest opportunity of your life to find success. Do you know you can transform challenges into your biggest opportunities?

Did you know that by taking a small action, you can deal with challenges and difficulties to find the success that can change your life?

The story of Supreet Singh Arora aka Author Sherry is one of a kind. A story of grit and determination, a story from which you can learn how to leverage the challenges that life throws at you to create opportunities. A story of focus, belief, passion and motivation, Author Sherry’s story is the epitome of one where your self-belief creates opportunities in hard times, making you come out of any depression that you have.

If you are looking for your purpose in life, success motivation in times of struggles and challenges, and a way to deal with them to become successful, then you must watch this talk.

Author Sherry has delievered Josh Talks in Punjabi also

In this video, Author Sherry talks about How you can become a Josh Talks Speaker? Fill the below form to proceed forward with the process of getting in touch with Josh Talks Team :

Josh Talks Speaker Nomination Form :


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