Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech is a form of Public Speaking.


We are living in one of the best times where we have ultimate resources around us and one of them is business referral meetings to do our business in the most defined and easiest way. *BNI is one such platform which comes into our minds and there are several other initiatives by people who take the idea of business networking with the right spirits.

The concept is simple and effective, the BNI members share business referrals amongst them, became and act as sales team for each other and share the business reports regularly.


There are other platforms following the same model by tweaking a few processes around us.

Last week, I was at such a business networking meeting and the organizer there announced that all the small and medium business owners will introduce themselves over the stage through mic rather just standing there at their seats. The introduction will last for ‘30 seconds’ and the organizer emphasized to share their respective business introduction with their  products or services so that fellow business owners get to know each other well.


Your WHY? “People don’t buy What you do. They buy Why you do it.” – Simon Sinek



30 seconds speech is an acute form of public speaking.


This is how I started;

I should clarify here that if you ask me to speak for a day, it would be easy, I can start anytime from now. Comparatively, if you want me to speak in 30 seconds, I would need at least 2 hours. When I said this, I got an applaud there (check the video,language is Punjabi).


Let me tell you it is not that easy to introduce in just 30 seconds. Yes only 30 seconds as the chance has to be given to everyone in the room. Business introduction in 30 seconds is also referred as “Elevator Speech”.


I have an idea and strategy – I am sure you want to learn that here.


I want you to stop struggling with your elevator speech.


Let us understand the meaning of Elevator first;



Elevator can be defined as

  • Build it one floor at a time.
  • Everyone doesn’t want to go to the top floor with you.
  • You don’t want to take everyone there!



Speech can be defined as;

  • Everyone who hears it should know exactly what you do.
  • Then, they should be able to tell others exactly what you do with clarity and understand it.
  • The Immediate Goal of your Elevator Speech should be clarity and understanding.


There are three possible outcomes.


Outcome One:

They want to talk to you right away. They want to have a conversation and get details. It happened with me right after my elevator speech. I got 5 people raising inquiries Sherry – how can I learn my elevator speech.


Outcome Two:

They don’t need what you offer at the moment however they will never forget you, but if they ever need your services in the future, they would be very comfortable having that conversation with you.


Outcome Three:

They know what you do and their radar is now up, and if someone ever says, Hey, I’m looking for this product or service, they’ll think of you and refer you and that’s the whole idea of referral business networking.


Here is the trick – “Be sure your Elevator Speech covers the pain areas of your client positively.”


It should contain the ingredients, parts, and elements of a presentation.


The Elevator Speech is a “Mini-Presentation” and a “Speaking Opportunity”. Guess what, immediately after hearing my elevator speech I got a chance for a 10-minute power talk to share my presentation with entrepreneurs. The organizer respectfully announced it over the stage. A delightful moment for any speaker!! J



Do let me know if could be of any help to assist you for your Elevator Speech – Cheers J


Happy Speaking.



*BNI -Business Network International (BNI) is an American franchised networking organization with its setup all  over the world in different countries.





Author Sherry is a Public Speaking Coach in Delhi.


Founder & President
MS Talks India 

Lead Trainer,CEO
MS Talks Training & Consulting
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Corporate Facilitator,Author,Certified Communication Coach,Certified NLP Practitioner,Certified Life Coach
Delivered more than 100 keynotes in last 4 years of his journey of speaking.
    Posted at 17:30h, 23 July Reply

    Wonderful clarity on what exactly is an “Elevator Speech”, how to frame it and what are the outcomes.

    Thank you Author Sherry for helping with the details.

    • admin
      Posted at 02:52h, 24 July Reply

      Yeah Sreeveni,elevator speech comes preparation comes handy when you are to present
      yourself in front of other entrepreneurs and it boosts your confidence a lot.
      Thanks for dropping by to read the blog.

      Author Sherry

  • Jas
    Posted at 18:07h, 23 July Reply

    Very useful and we’ll written blog
    I love reading it

    • admin
      Posted at 02:50h, 24 July Reply

      Thanks for dropping by Jas.
      Author Sherry

  • Pradeep Khare
    Posted at 06:40h, 24 July Reply

    Thanks for explaining with the illustrations the concept of an Elevator Speech.Superb as ever.

    • admin
      Posted at 06:49h, 24 July Reply

      Most welcome Major Pradeep sir.
      I hope it has added value 🙂

      Author Sherry

  • Prachi Singh
    Posted at 08:57h, 24 July Reply

    Elevator Speech is the most crucial talk for business… Thanks for sharing tips…

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