4 Brilliant ways to start your presentation

4 Brilliant ways to start your presentation

4 Brilliant ways to start your presentation

“4 Brilliant ways to start your presentation”

Check out how to use presentation skills which are highly used in any form of public speaking.


➡️Thought provoking question:

What if I tell you the blog you are reading today is the last blog of my life cos I am no more writing any stuff now?
Let audience think deeply.


➡️Shocking Analysis:

Here is the shocking analysis;
“Indians are under heavy debt.”
Since the time credit cards have been introduced in India an average Indian is under the credit of 100000 today.”


➡️Tell a Captivating Story:

“I met a beautiful lady into media promotion today to promote my brand and she offered me to get physical with her if I wish to get published..Shocked..!! How could a married lady? Off-course, I discarded her offer.”

Hold audience attention with something unique like I did with you.Let them connect with your story.


➡️Show a Gripping Graphic:

Many TEDx speakers use this technique. It adds to aesthetic appeal, increase audience imagination and makes the key message memorable.


Hope you liked 4 Brilliant ways to start your presentation.


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